Pakistan Largest heavy bike dealership

United Autos is Pakistan’s largest heavy bike dealer. United Autos has wide range of Japanese and Chinese Heavy Bikes, Quad Bikes and Scooties available in stock. Heavy bikes like HAYABUSA, KAWASAKI, BMW etc. are also available with United Autos with great condition and amazing prices. United Autos is renowned for its outstanding quality and decent prices in Pakistan. United Autos enhances the culture and skills of Automobile industry in Pakistan


The mission is easy, clear and motivated, delivering a new dimension of luxury while standardizing and raising platforms in Pakistan for new and used bikes


We believe in customer’s Satisfaction and loyalty. We sell bikes of the highest quality at the best price possible


Our dream is to buy and market heavy bikes that define performance and luxury. We plan to change the market for heavy bikes, where bikes are the ultimate expression of modern dynamism and luxury

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United Autos is made up of a progressive team of experts who aim to provide excellent service and leave each customer feeling like they are the “best” customer.

  • The first is our clients’ protection/ Safety.
  • We value time of Customer.
  • For us, all customers have equal rights.
  • We believe in friendly relation.
  • The important thing is that we do not breach the rules.
  • In any case, we are open and available.

Our primary goal since our inception has been our passion to deliver excellence, which has become our mission. You are the driving force behind our business and what we thrive on is making sure you get the best


The Executive Director in United Autos, chief executive officer at Off roaders and also chief Executive officer at Take Awayz.  He had a successful experience in all those related fields. Team Throttle is a heavy bike gang which is being run by Umar Ashraf in Islamabad

Umer Ashraf is Executive Director at Dosti 2 CNG Station. He is working in this field for many years or providing the best services to his customers or companies.

He is one of the leading bike sellers in Pakistan and had a wonderful variety of multiple bikes including Heavy Bikes, Off Road bikes, Racing bikes, Sports bikes etc.

We have wide range of Japanese and Chinese Heavy Bikes, Quad Bikes and Scotties available in stock. Umar Ashraf is known for bringing heavy bike trend in Pakistan.