Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 Review

wave inspire 17 review

This shoe was a smidge heavy and since it felt a bit clunky for me, I wouldn’t recommend it being used for any speed work simply long runs and easy runs. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 is the latest model of the moderate stability trainer. Mizuno markets their latest shoe in the stability field as providing a smoother ride for runners.

wave inspire 17 review

His background as an outdoor enthusiast, athlete, and all-around dedicated nerd has been extremely beneficial in keeping his readers informed why that next big purchase might be worth it. Brad also takes great pride in his memory of completely useless information, which has come in handy while writing his reviews and at Tuesday Trivia Night at the local brew pub. The Run Inn prides itself in providing a great selection of athletic footwear and apparel in combination with the best customer service and specialty fitting. Stability runners who want a shoe that provides a fast, supportive ride that won’t weight them down. Innovative U4ic midsole delivers optimal shock attenuation, durability, and a superior ride.

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This rubber outsole lives in the four corners of your foot, with exposed rubber in between. Many popular running shoes are using softer foams now than they used to, and Mizuno is keeping with the trend. “The new ENERZY foam is soft, trending very soft in the heel and firmer in the forefoot. This gives the Inspire a smooth but somewhat responsive feel.” For over-pronators this shoe is right up there with the Brooks Adrenaline GTS and New Balance 860 in terms of dependable performance. It’s a little more expensive than these two alternatives but certainly worth considering as with a slightly lower volume fit, it hugs the foot perfectly. The ride is improved over the previous model thanks to the layer of ENERZY foam and that makes the shoe a little more versatile and perfect for any pace running. My biggest issue with the Wave Inspire 17s was actually in the heel.

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Unlike 17, this shoe feels firmer, more especially by the balls of your feet. The Mizuno Inspire 17 is a light stability shoe that works well for runners who want to run high mileage. It is also a great gym shoe that is firm, responsive, and provides a stable feel while on soft gym floors. Of those that have run in the Wave Inspire before all were unanimous that the updates to #17 were the best to date. Other points of consistency were the expected firmer feel to the Mizuno compared to other brands continued and the fit is true to size for both men’s and women’s shoes. This shoe is incredibly cushioned and responsive, perfect for running on slick sidewalks, and the unique design to the outsole gives runners an edge of agility that isn’t often found in stability trainers. Sandwiched in between two layers of U4ic and Enerzy foam cushioning is a wave plate that zig-zags under your arch.

  • To help you out, 21RUN presents the Our Expert’s Opinion column.
  • The last time I remember, the Mizuno Wave Inspire was $130; now it’s $135?
  • Along with theNB860andBrooks GTS Adrenaline, it’s one of the best support shoes around.
  • Improvements made to the overall design of the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 provide runners with an overall better fit.
  • As a lady with a size 11 wide foot, finding a good fitting shoe can be challenging.
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Don’t worry, Mizuno loyalists, if you come for the wave plate, you’ll be happy to know it’s still there. Landings are soft enough from the Enerzy insert, the deep rear crash pad groove and the lateral more wave like geometry of the double wave plate. The geometry moves you forward at any pace helped along mightly by the giant decoupling groove. For this edition, They have removed the trusstic-like piece that sat in the midfoot. This increased the flexibility of the shoe and was noticeable on runs. There have been some changes to the midsole of the Wave Inspire 17. The outsole is the same blown rubber and X10 used in previous editions.

However, the high12 mm dropproved problematic for some runners, forcing them to heel strike. Some also reported that the Wave plate in the heel is too firm to effectively counterbalance the midsole, mainly when the shoe is in motion. The difference between midsole softness and plate firmness was too stark for some runners. This model is quite durable, and runners reported dozens of successful, long rides withminimal wearon the shoe after 100 miles. Ultimately, as a daily trainer, the Inspire 17 provides all that a runner could ask for stability, satisfactory cushioning, and versatility.

Behind The Designsmoothest Stability

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Updated with the brand’s new ENERZY midsole foam and a refreshed upper the shoe looks and feels fresh and energised. While not the looker of the running world, I think the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 is a good stability shoe. As long as they don’t raise the price anymore, we will be good here. Greater outsole separation between the heel and forefoot in the Inspire wave inspire 17 review 16 contributed to a slightly disjointed ride. Mizuno made major changes to their other stability offering, the Wave Horizon, getting rid of the wave plate in favor of segmented design. My hope would be they implement this in the next Wave Inspire. While other trainers it competes with are evolving, the Wave Inspire is staying true to the wave plate.

Durability and traction are covered, as this shoe’s blown rubber outsole will make quick work of any hazards that the roads may throw your way. The midsole is made up of foam material called U4ic, a double fan wave plate for stability, and a wedge of ENERZY foam in the heel for more cushioning. Unlike Ryan, I actually was more of a fan of the ENERZY foam than the U4ic.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Vs Wave Inspire 17

Thank you Mizuno, for opening my eyes to another great addition to foot care on the run. Most shoes these days are ether your plain and ordinary shoes with a basic color to accent, or they’re so full of bright neon colors they’re blinding to the eye. The pair of Wave Rider 17s I’m using, however, found a way to go right down the middle of that spectrum. They have a somewhat dulled secondary color scheme on top of dark grey, giving them a sort late 1980s look, and that brings me back my childhood, so I can appreciate that. Aside from color, the reflective components have an odd, glittery sparkle to them, so they’re not exactly manly when you look at them up close.

wave inspire 17 review

What I find most impressive about the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 is the construction of the outsole. Stability shoes need heavy-duty outsoles, and this shoe really delivers. The outsole is composed of X10 carbon rubber that is designed specifically for high mileage and durability.

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It’s bouncy and responsive, and it certainly kept me moving. My key negative for the shoe is its weight which puts it beyond what I prefer for general daily training. The superb upper is potentially overbuilt adding to weight as is the durable outsole. Reducing the heel stack a couple millimeters and thus also the drop might be a positive in terms of feel and weight. At $135 this high quality shoe with expected long term durability is a great value. It has a spring in the toes that really catapults you forward.

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  • It rubs a little bit on my lower shin, but not badly enough to cause pain or discomfort.
  • Unfortunately, there was a stiffness in the heel area where the wave plate is located.
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  • For those looking for a thicker upper material this shoe comes in a plush waveknit option as well.
  • The main stability feature in the Inspire is Mizuno’s Wave Plate.

Over the years, the average price of stability trainers has inched up in price. 10 years ago, this shoe would be considered quite expensive and on the higher end of the price scale. If you like running on cooler mornings, the upper of this shoe will keep your feet nice and warm, but not sweaty. Some runners, however, found that the upper of this design was just a little too hot on those balmy summer days. Mizuno really nailed the design of the upper on the Wave Inspire 17.

The 12 mm drop forced me to heel strike and my impact was absorbed by the ENERZY. As the pace picks up, it gets more agile with the rear stability area more or less disappearing in the mix in terms of being noticed.

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The Air Mesh design is secure on foot and can adapt to a variety of foot shapes, but breathability could be improved in the future for better airflow in hot conditions. For over-pronators the Inspire has always been a reliable model.

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I also love that the upper of this design has modest stability features that help lock your feet in place, but it doesn’t feel too stiff or restrictive. It has added synthetic overlays along the forefoot, with a few additional panels along the medial side of the foot. These additional panels are put in place to help overpronators naturally guide their foot into a nice and even gait cycle. The Inspire 17 is a stability shoe, which means it’s effective for runners who overpronate. The extra stability features are more durable to help mitigate the effects of excessive pronation on the inside edge of the shoe. Even though it’s in the stability category, neutral runners can still wear it comfortably.

The Wave Rider’s offers a slightly roomier and lighter shoe than previous models. Combining the signature cushioning and stability of Mizuno Wave, the shoe also has a wavy, higher inner that enables smooth body movement by preventing the inside of the shoe from flattening. As a youngster, Brad DesNoyers found his greatest strengths in all things creative as well as technical. Combine the two, and you get a graphic designer who spends his off time reviewing products for Busted Wallet.

While this doesn’t really bother me, some people might dislike it if they are coming from a lower heel drop. The good news is, if you are having back issues the higher heel drop in this shoe can help accompany your road to recovery by taking some of the load off your back and transferring it to your knees.

Sadly, it just was not my favorite, given my specific needs. Though I will say, thanks to the comfort of the upper, the Inspire makes a great all-day shoe to wear at the office or for walking around town. “The Flex Controllers create solid flexibility that will help roll runners through their gait cycle. It also brought a little more life to the run, which was welcome given the relatively unresponsive foam.” Sitting comfortably below all of that fancy stuff is an outsole made of Mizuno’s Micro Blown Rubber, and let me tell you that it could probably stop a bullet. The stuff is tough, like Forrest Gump running across the states tough. It’ll probably stick around for more miles than I can really count.

In addition, Kevin is a 300-hour certified yoga teacher and uses this experience to run more mindfully with a focus on well-being over performance. As with most Mizuno shoes, you get a good bang for your buck as you can rest assured the Inspire will not fall apart even if you regularly give it a beating over your long runs. In summary, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 is an outstanding trainer and lends itself to a perfect ride for most runners.

For reference, that’s about an ounce heavier than the ASICS GEL-Kayano Lite. They’re not feathers exactly, but they’re pretty okay for the support and cushion that they’re pushin’. I’m usually a neutral shoe wearer, but usually, once a week, I run in a stability shoe when my legs and feet are tired. The Inspire 16 used a Pebax plate, but the 17 switches to a TPU-based version. While TPU feels softer underfoot, it adds weight to the newest Inspire. The longtime stability trainer adds more rubber underfoot, airy mesh up top, and bouncier foam in between. The cushioning of the midsole underwent some changes which have slightly affected the ride.

Mizuno Inspire 17 Review

Do you already know which characteristics your new running shoes should have? Use Our Expert’s Opinion to check if the model you’re looking at meets your demands. The 17 delivers on both and adds in some terrific features to make the miles very comfortable. Mizuno made some pretty big changes to almost every aspect of the Wave Inspire 17 when compared to previous versions.

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